Green Prize Festival is FREE one day event for all ages to celebrate Earth Day presented by Green Education Inc.

Green Educations Inc.‘s Mission: Green Education Inc. creates the programs, projects, systems and relationships required to educate and prepare individuals for green industry career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities. We will advance graduates to apprenticeships, internships and on-the-job training situations via collaborative projects designed to create energy efficient and sustainable communities. We will enhance our clients’ and graduates’ skills which will result in value-added and knowledgeable employees for entrepreneurship and green industry organizations.

Will bottled water be sold at the event? – No, please bring a refillable bottle. There will be a “Hydration Station” 
Are dogs allowed? –  Yes, except in the beer forest.
What is the waste plan? – We strive to be a zero-waste event. Recycling and composting bins are provided for patrons. Food vendors are asked to use compostable/biodegradable materials. Exhibitors are asked to use recyclable packaging. Bottled water is not sold at the event.


Parking in the area is limited! We recommend you use earth friendly transportation(bikes, skateboards, roller skates) to arrive.

There will be a FREE bike valet

Earth Day FAQ

(taken from Earth Day Network)

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day is honored around the world on April 22, although larger events such as festivals and rallies are often organized for the weekends before or after April 22. Many communities also observe Earth Week or Earth Month, organizing a series of environmental activities throughout the month of April.

Why do we need an Earth Day?

Because it works! Earth Day broadens the base of support for environmental programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities. Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a billion people participate in our campaigns every year.

What can I do for Earth Day?

The possibilities for getting involved are endless! Volunteer. Go to a festival. Install solar panels on your roof. Organize an event in your community. Change a habit. Help launch a community garden. Communicate your priorities to your elected representatives. Do something nice for the Earth, have fun, meet new people, and make a difference. But you needn’t wait for April 22! Earth Day is Every Day. To build a better future, we all must commit to protect our environment year-round.

What is Earth Day Network?

Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network (EDN) promotes year-round environmental citizenship and action, worldwide. Earth Day Network is a driving force, steering environmental awareness around the world. Through Earth Day Network, activists connect, interact and impact their communities, and create positive change in local, national, and global policies. EDN’s international network reaches over 22,000 organizations in 192 countries, while the domestic program assists over 30,000 educators, coordinating thousands of community development and environmental protection activities throughout the year.